What Should You Know About Socrates Ethical Philosophy?

Socrates Ethical Philosophy belongs to the Athenian Greeks came to be known as a great philosopher of his time. Although he didn’t write any philosophical scripts, in the later parts of his life he was able to influence the history of philosophy to a great extent. He restricted his interests to the way a person lives their life and the conduct that they have to maintain for a better life. He had several facts to speak and share about the ethics that are important in our society and would help people in some way or the other. These facts also became an important part of the central philosophy. He was often called to speak at public places and talk about his facts with intellectuals of the time. He was able to influence a number of people around him and he kept growing over time.

Socrates Ethical Philosophy?

Socrates Ethical Philosophy

  • According to Socrates ethical philosophy, the mind and soul that we have inside our bodies are way important to us than our physical bodies. The virtues and morals that we have impacted our lives to a much greater extent than we actually expect them to.·
  • The quality that our souls hold, the character that we form of ourselves inside us is very important and has more influence than our health and the fact that we rich or we are poor. Socrates Ethical Philosophy said that if all of us want to live a life that is happy and is free from any regrets or harshness, it is very important for us to take care of our souls. ·
  •   In order to do so, we must inculcate the various virtues and morals that are necessary to form a better human being, and only then can we satisfy our souls and keep them healthy. However, looking for such virtues is not an easy task. ·
  •   Socrates ethical philosophy portrays a very paradoxical view of how the nature of these virtues should be. To start with, knowing the correct way in which one should act and behave is of the utmost importance and will have the maximum influence in shaping the character of a person.·
  •   It is also important to keep a good amount of control over our feelings and emotional quotient so that we are able to think properly and freely. The emotional part of our brain can hinder our way of thinking right, controlling it can be another important step. Additionally, according to Socrates, emotions play no importance in our life and can be easily put aside during the course. ·
  • He said that if you act in a bad way or your morals are being weak, it is not about how your psychology is working but your inability to know what is right and what is wrong. You are not able to figure out the methods you should opt for in a situation. This can also be taken as your ignorance towards the fact that there are certain ways a person should respond to a situation and the reason behind it.·
  • Our body has all the virtues and morals that are required to make a person act in the right way and behave in situations. All we are required to do is work on them and we will be good to go.  ·
  • He was charged with a life sentence in the city court for the crime of not believing in Olympian Gods and Goddesses. His student Plato had an apology to speak in front of the court that could help save his teacher. The sentences that Socrates had in his defense that centered on the ways of life and the meanings attached are still a major part of literature and studied even today.

Socrates claimed to know nothing about life and its hidden meanings but still had so much to share and influence people. He left no scripts or written documents of his philosophies. The later generations got to know about him and his ideas due to the various lines captured by colleagues and the conversations that were recorded where he was being the principal speaker. Socrates rejected all the conventional methods of living life and behaved in a way that was new to the world. He was able to become an inspiration for not just the people of his time but later generations as well.