Radhakrishnan Commission 1948-49 – Everything You Need To Know!

The University of Radhakrishnan Commission was meant for aiming a higher education for the people and a diverse community. None other than Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan formulated this institution, and his sole aim to develop the youth of yesterday. He was also the former Vice-Chancellor of the Banaras Hindu University.

He was the chairman of this university, and he formulated and delegated the roles of the teachers towards their students so that each and every one of them could achieve their goals in life. During the first formation of this university, there were only ten members who boarded the team, and later, the university listed a constitution with around 1000 teachers from all around the world.

The commission report, which was made, was drafted for about two volumes on to which the roles and the choices were mentioned. The 1st volume of the draft consisted of all the recommendations, and the second volume consisted of all the data which could be used for the study management. The whole university aimed to manage a source of formal education in the youth so that they could become better and smarter for a new India.

Radhakrishnan Commission 1948-49:

Radhakrishnan Commission 1948-49

What were the recommendation aims of this university?

Here is the list of recommendations aimed at the first volume.

  1. To teach that every life in this world has a meaning. It was a single concept for Radhakrishnan Commission 1948-49 to develop the lofty role of life and to have sole use of every life that is on this planet. There is no other source of life and that when you are here, you have meaning towards your life and a responsibility to achieve as well.
  2. It was idealistic of Radhakrishnan to awaken the youth and develop their mind and soul towards the path of wisdom. He wanted the youth to understand the present value of the country, and he wanted everyone to know what it meant for them. This is why the Radhakrishnan Commission strived to teach the youth towards the modernized shape of their culture.
  3. To acquaint all the youth with the social and philosophical knowledge so that they could strive towards the rich and enhanced domains of economic and political matters. It was to their source that the youth wanted to strive towards the better, and this could only be done with the help of a built-in and robust system.
  4. For the self-development of the youth. It was the sole idea of the Radhakrishnan Commission to help the child to develop towards the better. It was their central management that could help the youth to formulate the concept towards a better democracy and Indian constitution with the framework which needed to be changed.

The recommendation for the teaching staff:

There were four categories on which the teaching staff was designated here. One was for the professors, another one for the readers, the third one for the lecturers, and the fourth one for the instructors. Each and every one of them has the intended role and had to educate the youth towards the promotion of their goals and a common objective. The Radhakrishnan Commission 1948-49 helped the students to develop on the grounds of their merit solely.

The commission recommended a percentage of higher salaries for the teachers so that they could get the motivation for teaching. There were other benefits that were presented to them like the provident funds, the hours of work, and the paid leaves, which was intended solely for the development of the teaching staff there.

Final thoughts:

The method of study which was generated by this commission was induced and passed over. In the field of education, a questionnaire was made, and it was distributed to a whole lot of 600 people there. It solely meant for the people to propose a stark interest for the government and the source of work, which helped the education system to be cultivated and shared around with a lot of likeminded people. A lot of people have managed to give their best for the education of the youth, and still, to this date, this university remains on the top. It helps the child to develop their mind and help them bring closure for a better future.