Importance Of Election In India And Its Significance In The Indian Constitution

Importance Of Election In India: Since its independence, India has been governed by a number of political leaders and parties to reach a standard that it is on right now. All the parties and leaders that India has seen to date has been possible only because of the elections. The Indian constitution has a very special room for elections. After a specified amount of time, elections are held for state and central governments and the public of the country elects a deserving candidate to govern them.

There’s high importance of election in India as well as other democracies around the world. This is because it is only through elections that the public can choose the right person who should be governing them for the coming years. Elections give the public a chance to voice their opinions and express what they seek from their government. Elections form the base of democracy as through elections people are able to supervise the government and choose what is right for them. It also makes the political system more unbiased and transparent.

Importance Of Election In India:

Importance Of Election In India

History of elections:

Since the country’s independence, around fifteen Lok Sabhas have been formed. The first one was formed in the year 1951 just a few years after independence had taken place. The people got the hang of elections even before India got its independence. The concept of elections came to us through British rule. For obvious reasons, the people of India did not want any monarchy or rule after the British rule had gone. This is why a new method of political governance was introduced. This method is known as Democracy. All the citizens of India who are 18 or above can elect their representatives.

 Importance of election:

  • People get to choose their leaders:

In a democracy, people of the state get to choose their leaders that will govern them for the rest of their political term. This makes sure that the citizens are included in the decision-making process and everything stays fair for them. The representatives have to please the voters and make sure to full fill their demands.

  • Change of representatives:

Elections make sure that no political leaders get biased treatment or get to form a tyranny in the country. Every time a term comes to an end, the leaders have to work hard to keep their followers by their side so that they can form the government again. This also makes sure that the political leaders or the elected government work their entire term and succeed to please the people.

  • Participation of political parties:

Every time an election takes place, political parties come up and appeal to the people. This process can also bring up some new political parties. This provides a wide range of choices for people to elect their representatives out of. When new parties or opposition come up, they bring issues that were not handled by the current government and try to focus on them so that the public chooses them. In this process, the public gets their issues and problems addressed and fixed and are also able to choose properly.

  • Anybody can stand for elections:

The importance of election can also be understood by acknowledging the fact that anyone can form a political party and get votes. As long as they can please the people or get votes, they will get to form a party. Even if they don’t get elected, they can try every year and help resolve issues of the common public.

  • The decisions stay put:

Since elections take place once in five or so years, the decisions made or taken during this time are final and irrevocable. No one has the authority to change it until the next elections take place. Whichever party wins, gets to form the government. An election is such a formal event so that the public and the participants respect the event and the decisions taken during the event.

The importance of election in our constitution is high as it forms the fundamentals of democracy. A country as big as India can sustain democracy due to elections and the various events that take place because of it. The election is the basic essence of India’s democracy.