5 Major Environmental Movements in India

Environmental Movements: The green movement of green politics is one of the leading sources through which people of India have formulated the right source and growth plan towards the following. There are some of the environmental movements in India which have been functioned over time and in the leading way through which the people of India have got the source to power through and fight for their rights and in the intended cause to be and eradicate the problems. These movements have helped them to save thousands of lives as well, and here are some of them given below.

5 Major Environmental Movements in India:

  1. The Bishnoi Movement
  2. The Chipko Movement
  3. The Appiko Movement
  4. Silent Valley Movement
  5. Jungle Bachao Angola

Major Environmental Movements in India

Significant Environmental Movements in India:

Here is the list of the major environmental changes in India.

  1. The Bishnoi Movement

One of the leading and one of the most significant environmental changes in India, this one stands among the top. Bishnoi was a religious sect that was found in the western of the Thar Desert and the northern states of India as well. It was first discovered by Guru Maharaj in the 1485 AD, and in that timeline, the non-violent source and the community of the nature worshippers have sparked out for the following. The Bishnoi community and protest, which happened, saw the loss of over 363 people who were killed into the movement and those who part for the said.

  1. The Chipko Movement

You might have heard about the Chipko movement that has happened in India. It is one of the lead communism and environmental changes in India that has occurred over time too. This ecological movements in India occurred and were launched from the Gopeshwar. It is located in the Chamoli District from the Uttarakhand, and this movement was done to protect the trees that were there. It was done as a protest against the illegal cutting of trees that were happening during that time.

  1. The Appiko Movement

Another environmental movement in India which have happened over time, it is the lines of the Chipko Movement that has followed and helped the people to protest and eradicate another source of the problem. Well, the Appiko movement happened in Karnataka and one of the lead sources through which the afforestation occurred and in the development of the conservation and even with the proper utilization of the forests in the best manner. This was a successful movement, and a lot of Appiko were saved during this process too.

  1. Silent Valley Movement

Have you heard about this environmental movement in India? If you haven’t, then it is one of the leading ecological changes in India, which has happened over time. It is an area of the tropical evergreen forests which is located right in Kerala. This is a prosperous and evergreen plantation and frim, and this is when the environmental movements in India happened and occurred. These environmentalists and the local people of the places wanted to have a good source and wanted to be set up with the source of 1973, which was declared to be taken out by the government under pressure.

  1. Jungle Bachao Angola

One of the leading environmental movements in India, which has happened, this jungle Bachao Andolan has taken place and saved a lot of life as well. This was one of the leading sources and the eradication of the problem, which happened over time and night. This was the primary way through which the people wanted to source out for the right type of help, and then the fellow community came into the leading source through which the function was to be carried out by the people.

These environmental movements in India are one of the leading actions that have happened over time and in an intended way. It is the leading source through which people have got to the right network and the source of the audience, too, which have helped them to fight and eradicate the wrong causes. And these leading works have happened under guidance and supervision through which the environmental movements in India have taken the world by storm. These were done to save the world and to maintain the greenery and peace within it in the right way as well. These environmental movements in India will always be sourced out into the books of history from time to time.