Defense Acquisition Council, DAC and its Functions

Defense Acquisition Council: To make sure a country runs with no insecurities or safety issues, a ministry of defense is created. This ministry has the authority and responsibility to ensure the safety of the citizens and protect it by hook or by crook. To manage all the procedures and happenings in the defense bodies such as military, navy, air force, etc. the ministry takes decisions and takes care of their needs and resources. To manage any defense mechanism well, the bodies working under the defense ministry have to plan the requirements, consequences and select the best candidates into training.

Defense Acquisition Council:

Defense Acquisition Council

The head of the defense system of a country is known as the Defense minister. He heads all the decisions and makes sure the country has the best weapons, jets, captains, etc. A council that works directly under the defense minister is known as Defense acquisition Council DAC. This means the defense minister is not only a member of the council but is also its head. Since several decisions need to be taken to maintain peace in the country and among other countries, the Defense acquisition Council helps in the decision making process and guides through the planning of any upcoming event. Any new policies that are introduced in the country that are related to defense go through the council and the defense minister to ensure the righteous of the decision.

There are several members in Defense acquisition council DAC:

  • Defense minister who is the chairman or head of the council and has the right to make the final decisions.
  • Minister of State for the defense who is an important member of the council as well.
  • Chiefs of all the defense forces of the country which are the Army, Naval, and Air forces. They represent each force and help in the decision-making process while keeping in mind the requirements of their respective forces as well – PDF
  • The Defense Secretary is in charge of all the three forces. Their main job is to direct and plan the various policies of the defense and help in their execution.
  • Secretary of Defense Research and Development who is the head of the research and development sector. All the research that takes place for the defense sector is handled by them.
  • Secretary Defense production deals with the units of production, their planning, and execution.

This Defense acquisition Council DAC ensures that every requirement of the armed forces of the country is well managed and provided. All the members have the duty to take care that the resources are reached to the forces in the right amounts, with standard quality and at the right time. The council, apart from representing the defense of the country also acts as a mediator between the defense and the citizens.

Functions of the DAC:

  • The council provides all the official documents and plans that it has for the defense to the parliament and presents its objectives to the government.
  • They categorize the requirements of the forces and plan out the execution process. For instance, there are some weapons that the country has to buy. So they council figures out the source from where the weapons could be arranged. There could be some weapons that the country has to build or make. The council then arranges for the raw materials, capital and people who would aid in the process.
  • The council arranges all the capital that is required for managing the defense of the country. Capital is required for several reasons such as salaries of the forces, for the initiation, management, and completion of projects, etc. The capital has to be arranged via taxes. The money is provided by the government and donations as well.
  • The council also has to take care of the trails that are taken for any new weapons. Before the forces put any weapon to their use, the defense acquisition council DAC ensures that it is safe and has a standard quality.

Defense Acquisition University

Managing the defense of any country requires several important decisions, planning, capital and council bodies. These council bodies help in providing the required resources and maintain a direction for all the activities. With so many responsibilities in hand, the defense of a country is considered as its most important asset.