What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of One Party System?

One Party System: One of the most striking features of political history that are still reflected in some countries of the world is the ‘One-party system’. Unlike India, which is the Democratic Republic, there are other nations that are just ruled by a single party, formed under a strict Government regime. In the older times of World War II, think of the status of Germany under Hitler and Mussolini. The formation of the Nazi party and the subsequent crushing down of all the opposition parties changed the entire world game of politics. Thus, Germany could be seen as a Nation, under the rule of the party system.

The Possible Advantages and Disadvantages of One Party System:

Advantages and Disadvantages of One Party System

In opposition to the ‘’One party system’’, the ‘’Bi-party system’’ refers to the fact that two parties are subsequently ruling the nation, with 50-50 positive voting. But the effects of the party system can be seen in negative terms as well. While leaders have continuously stressed the need for the ‘’One party system’’, India is known to have a ‘’ multi-party system’’, functioning with full confidence.

With all of the above arguments, let us now look at the Advantages And Disadvantages Of One Party System:

  1. One of the most important elements that are noted in the rule of the system is the formation of a stable and constraint administration. The rules and policies framed stick only to the lawyer and it aims at uplifting the spirit of the country. All of the laws tend to direct towards the progress of the nation and its people. One common example can be seen in the communist regime of the Soviet Union!
  2. Formation of severe long-term as well as short-term planning is possible. There is no one to interfere and provoke the decision of the leaders here. The decision is not unanimous but is done by the leader only!
  3. Apart from making laws, the economic scenario of the country changes for the best. There is an equal transformation noticed in the entire standards of the country, with fewer conflicts taking place in the lower class and middle-class citizens. There is an equal distribution of wealth and prosperity and productivity likely increases as well.
  4. The administration and its powers also stay statutory and become quite efficient. This is because the power stays in the hands of one single leader only. Since there is no distribution of powers involved, things like nepotism, favoritism as well as black-marketing are completely banished from the country’s soil.
  5. A major advantage that can be noticed is that there is a discipline in the country. People follow the rules and even unite in certain situations.
  6. Finally, although criticism arises, time is not wasted in a series of wider propaganda!

The virtual demerits:

Although the advantages are quite reflective about the economic standards of the country, some of the major demerits that you must know are as follows:

  • The existence of a party system can lead to some faulty decision-making practices. People also fail to have freedom of speech as well as freedom of expression. As a result, there is no democratic identity in the nation.
  • The idea of dictatorship takes place over the idea of democracy. This eroding situation is complex and can also hamper the rights of the people.
  • The Government in the one-party system can be rightly obsolete. The administration becomes all the more irresponsible in addressing the needs of the people. The standards are always set in accordance with the rules of the government only.
  • People have an identity crisis and this hinders some of the most important factors like social freedom. The crushing of people’s powers is always there with this party system.
  • When it comes to fields of terrorism, the chances of crushing the enemy in one blow is always a significant factor. There is no room for repentance in the party system.

The dictatorial power of the leaders in the one-party system calls for effective military status and independence. This means that all policies adopted are meant to protect the country to a stage of victory!